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Rostock - Gedser
plus Helsingør - Helsingborg

Your quickest route in transit to and from Sweden/Norway!
Take advantage of the benefits of our high-frequency and reliable crossings and enhance your economic efficiency through optimised use of drivers/contractors and equipment.


Departure frequency  Crossing time  Check-in time 
Up to 10 times daily and

Up to 125 times per day on Helsingør – Helsingborg
1 hour and 45 mins on Rostock - Gedser and

20 minutes on Helsingør – Helsingborg
30 minutes before departure 


Download transit tariff 2021 


You can view the schedules for the individual routes here: 

Rostock - Gedser

Helsingør - Helsingborg



Phone:   +45 72 68 60 60
Fax:       +45 72 68 60 50
email:     Freightbooking@scandlines.com                


Please note that all travellers have to bring valid travel documentation and if necessary visa. Scandlines will check the documentation before check in Puttgarden and Rostock.