Route details

  • 24/7/365 operation in a very reliable schedule
  • departures every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 20 minutes on weekends/ approx. 100 departures per day
  • 20 minutes crossing time
  • automatic check-in / fast lane for pre-booked trucks
  • 2 world`s largest battery-driven ferries in operation / up to 5 ferries in total
  • very fast port handling – only 15 minutes for un-/loading process


Please see the ForSea freight tariff and applicable fuel surcharges (energy/green) for shipments on this route between Denmark and Sweden:

Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApS freight tariff 

Fuel surcharges (energy/green)


Scandlines acts as agent for the sale of local tickets Helsingør - Helsingborg to continental customers. Get in touch with our experienced sales team for a quote or further required information about the Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApS services, solutions and conditions. Scandinavian customers are kindly asked to contact Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApS directly. 

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    Terminal Helsingør

    Færgevej, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark.

    The check-in area is located at the end of road E47.


    Terminal Helsingborg

    Bredgatan 5, 25225 Helsingborg, Sweden.

    The check-in area is located at the end of road E4.



    The freight check-in offices at both terminals are open 24/7.

    Pre-booked trucks are welcome to use the new automatic check-in / fast lanes and can drive on board the next ferry. Please note that all drivers have to bring valid travel documentation and if necessary visa.



    All types of trucks, vans and other self-driving cargo can be shipped on this route.

    Please note that trailers and other unaccompanied cargo units can't be shipped due to short port berth times of the vessels.

    Shipment of oversize cargo on individual request only.

    Due to health and safety, it is not permitted to operate compressor engines during the ferry crossing. All cooling generator units have to be turned off before driving on board. In case you need to document an unbroken cold chain in a trailer, Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApS offers plug-in options onboard the ferries. In order to use this service, the truck driver simply has to inform the check-in staff that power for their cooling unit is needed during the crossing. The on-board staff will direct the driver to a suitable parking space. It is the driver’s responsibility to plug in at departure and to remove the plug again upon arrival at port.



    Dangerous goods transports must be booked manually with the Scandlines booking department. Registration of dangerous goods 24 hours prior to departure at the latest.

    Transports of classified goods are possible on various departures. Transports of classified goods with passenger limitation are possible on selected departures and after coordination with our freight booking department only.

    Please contact our freight booking department for further information. 

    Documents for bookings of dangerous goods transports:

    Declaration of Classified Goods (type-in PDF)

    Annotations to the Check-in data form (PDF)


    When transporting dangerous goods, the driver must always contact the Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApS Freight check-in staff. This also applies to transports with dangerous goods in limited quantities (LQ). The cargo must be labelled in accordance with the IMDG Code. All required documentation has to be provided by the shipper.

    When transporting LQ dangerous goods with Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApS, it is not necessary to provide written documentation on the goods upon check-in in port. However, the driver has to indicate that the cargo contains LQ dangerous goods. The information that needs to be provided is: UN number + class + weight. The driver must sign the dangerous goods declaration, confirming that the cargo is packed in accordance with the applicable regulations. The vehicle must be marked with orange dangerous goods signs both at the front and at the rear during the crossing. For transports with LQ dangerous goods no surcharge will apply on the price.

    Please note that a completed and signed container/vehicle packing certificate in accordance with IMDG-CODE 5.4.2 is always required for sea transport.

    This document must be presented at the latest at check-in at the port of departure.

    In case of electronically executed dangerous goods documents, the name of the person responsible (in capital letters) replaces the signature.

    The container/vehicle packing certificate is not required if all dangerous goods are transported in limited quantities only (LQ) or if transported in a tank unit.


    Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApS operates an efficient ferry route with the following five vessels in service: M/V Aurora, M/V Tycho Brahe, M/V Hamlet, M/V Mercandia IV and M/V Mercandia VIII. Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApS has initiated the introduction of battery operation on the two ferries M/V Tycho Brahe and M/V Aurora to further reduce the ferries’ environmental impact.

    Please visit Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApS' own website for further technical details of all Øresundslinjen Helsingør ApSa vessels: