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Puttgarden - Rødby

No waiting list!

Departures every 30 minutes with our fast double-enders. Perfect trucker service and highly motivated teams ensure the success of your cargo traffic. Reduce your tournaround times and cut your costs.

Departure frequency Crossing time Check-in time
Over 50 times daily

45 minutes

15 minutes
before departure



Download tariff 2021

Download transit tariff 2021


Download schedule 2021 Mondays - Fridays

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Kindly note below stated planned layoffs of our vessels in the course of months March and April.

Departures will be scheduled every 40 minutes within these periods.  


Layoff overview

Von / from                                                                 bis / until

12.03.2021 (out of service 00.01h)                          16.03.2021 (back in service 02.15h ex Rødby)


01.04.2021 (out of service 18.00h)                          05.04.2021 (back in service 16.15h ex Rødby)


09.04.2021 (out of service 17.30h)                          12.04.2021 (back in service 17.15h ex Puttgarden)


16.04.2021 (out of service 23.00h)                          19.04.2021 (back in service 03.15h ex Rødby)


23.04.2021 (out of service 18.30h)                          26.04.2021 (back in service 18.45h ex Puttgarden)


ferries in service:

"Deutschland" / "Schleswig-Holstein"

"Prins Richard" / "Prinsesse Benedikte"


Booking / Information:
Phone:   +45 72 68 60 60
Fax:       +45 72 68 60 50
Email:     Freightbooking@scandlines.com


Please note that all travellers have to bring valid travel documentation and if necessary visa.