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Puttgarden - Rødby

No waiting list!

Departures every 30 minutes with our fast double-enders. Perfect trucker service and highly motivated teams ensure the success of your cargo traffic. Reduce your tournaround times and cut your costs.

Departure frequency Crossing time Check-in time
Over 50 times daily

45 minutes

15 minutes
before departure


Download tariff 2020

Download transit tariff 2020


Download special schedule 31.08.2020 until further notice


ferries in service:

"Deutschland" / "Schleswig-Holstein"

"Prins Richard" / "Prinsesse Benedikte"


Booking / Information:
Phone:   +45 72 68 60 60
Fax:       +45 72 68 60 50
Email:     Freightbooking@scandlines.com


Please note that all travellers have to bring valid travel documentation and if necessary visa.