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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the transport of dangerous goods on Scandlines ferries.
For further questions and information we would be pleased to be of assistance by email freightbooking@scandlines.com.

Can I transport Dangerous Goods on Scandlines ferries?

Yes. We handle all kind of Dangerous Goods, with the exception of such radioactive substances/goods which are regulated by the INF Code.

Are there any restrictions?

Dangerous Goods transported legally on road (ADR) will be handled by Scandlines.

What documentation do I need?

According to international rules you shall present a “transport document” see: ADR / IMDG chapter 5.4 and a
 “Container/vehicle packing certificate” see: ADR / IMDG chapter 5.4.2.

(For flammable liquids, the flashpoint is required.)
(Some UN-numbers of Class 7 requires additional documentation.)

What time can I be transferred?

When you forward the editable “Check-in form” from Scandlines Freight homepage to the departure port, you will be advised of the first possible departure.

Do I need IMDG papers and labels?

Scandlines ferries act according to “Memorandum of Understanding for the Transport of Packaged Dangerous Goods on Ro-Ro Ships in the Baltic Sea” (MoU).
This set of rules allows lorries to be transferred on ADR papers and labels too.

What about Limited Quantity?

Limited Quantities (LQ) and Excepted Quantities (EQ) are handled according to MoU.
This set of rules requires transport documents and placarding of the lorry.