Total CO2 footprint of your shipment
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  • Scandlines uses the MRV method for Ro-Ro and Ro-pax vessels in accordance with the MRV Directive by the European Union for the calculation of carbon emissions. The calculation per vessel is based on the individual previous year’s data of CO2 emissions, the area occupied by pax and freight on the vessel and the carried volume of pax, pax vehicles and freight vehicles acc. EN 16258. An independent third party auditor verifies the individual emission data for all vessels.

  • The average emission data per route is then calculated based on the values of all vessels operating on this route, taking into account the individual number of departures per vessel.

    Scandlines measures the carbon emissions footprint of transported goods (trucks, trailers and other rolling cargo) on board our vessels in kilogram CO2/tonkm. This is the common unit for emissions related to transport work and allows a benchmarking of emission levels with other transportation modes.

    The average CO2 emission of your individual transport per route and single transport is based on following factors:

    • total weight of the transport unit (truck, trailer etc.) including the weight of the carried cargo (metric tons)
    • distance of the route (km)
    • emission factor CO2 per transport work (tonkm)

    In general the vessel specific CO2 factors vary depending on different parameters such as type of vessel and fuel, weather conditions, speed, utilization level and allocation between freight and passengers on board the vessel. The actual emission may vary accordingly over time throughout the year.

  • The emission data per route are updated annually after verification by an external third party in compliance with EU MRV disclosure requirements in the course of Q2, even ahead of the publication on EU MRV website ( The data above represent the average emissions per route of the year 2022.

    Status: 23 May 2023

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